Carp diem (Sieze the day) OR caveat emptor (Buyer Beware)
Do You know your Ying from your Yang 
Is your glass half full or half empty?
 Every now and then you are presented with a “Too good to be true “ opportunity which, despite the odd red flag going off in your head, still has some redeming features about it. Crypto-Builder’s “The Power Circle” is a case in point. One of those points is that the investment level is a mere $US20  (approx $NZ30, 17.80 Euro, 15.40 GBP etc). Mind you that $US20 has to be paid in Bitcoin which at this present time 1 BTC is worth $5280 so you will need to purchase around 0.0038 BTC or 380,000 Satoshi. [for those of you unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies 1 Satoshi is equal to 1x 10-8  which extremely small or 3/5 of 5/8th of FA!!
The test will be whether you are prepared to go throught steps of creating a Wallet Account on Coinbase (https://www.coinbase.com/signup). In some parts of the world you will be able to fund your new Coinbase account directly using a debit card account. For others, such as myself in NZ, you will need a couple more intermediate steps. 
 Once your Coinbase account is funded the you can following this link 
https://crypto-builder.com/ref/b46d84df1d/register to register and get started. 
A POINT TO NOTE: Is you are new to crypto currencies then take great care to ensure you copy the correct BTC addresses for Receiving and Sending as once sent to the wrong address they cannot be retrieved.
So … are you ready to give it a go? Remember your not about to lose the shirt off your back (or have to ditch your bra) and you might just make MUCH MUCH MORE than that $20 investment.