Where Will Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, And Other Cryptocurrencies Be Twenty Years From Now?

While its almost impossible to predict the future, particularly with an evolving subject such as crypto currencies, this article by Panos Mourdoukoutas attempts to do just that and whilst he thinks that the current patch of crypto coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple etc) may we have dissapeared he seems confident that blockchain technology is here to stay. I certainly feel that blockchain technology has too much to offer to so may industries for so many reason that ot is here to stay and will continue to evelve into a much strong platform Panos thoughts are worth a read. 

“Unfortunately, almost anything connected with the future of bitcoin is speculative right now,” says Jason Labrum, founder and president of Labrum Wealth Management. “When you look at the sophistication level of the average person buying bitcoin, it’s scary. They just see an asset that at times has gone up a whole lot in value, so you get a herd mentality of people wanting to jump on the bandwagon.”


5 False Crypto Criticisms (that need to die now)

There are still many sceptics when it comes to the future of crypto currencies . This articles written by  Luciano Pesci addresses the 5 false crypto criticisms commonly spread about crypto currencies. According to Luciano , “Only a tiny portion of this criticism is coming from informed observers, while the overwhelming majority is propagated by people with almost no functional understanding of cryptocurrency, blockchain, or their interconnected ecosystem.” 

<iframe scr=”https://medium.com/@luciano_8275/5-false-crypto-criticisms-that-need-to-die-now-e7b9938cd2f6″.<iframe>






The article is well worth the time  taken to read